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An Interview with Anne Sands – Watercolour & Acrylic Artist

Colorful, vibrant and exciting. That is how I would describe Anne Sands work. From gorgeous seascapes and landscapes to beautiful creatures, floral paintings, people portraits and a whole lot more. It is clear that Anne has a passion for her painting. Her lovely photographic work is an extension of her artwork – she captures the beauty in nature and in elegant man-made wonders too, such as Venice, Italy. There is so much beauty to take in when looking at Anne’s artwork, that thankfully, they can all be purchased at

Anne was born in small New England town, Amesbury, Massachusetts and lived there until 2013. Anne and her husband moved to Viera, Florida. They travel back to their summer home in Kingston, New Hampshire, from May to September.

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How did you start painting?

I have been doodling all my life but started getting serious after retiring in 2011 from a long career as a registered nurse. I am basically a self-taught artist, but I have read several reference books on acrylics and watercolor techniques. From 2000-2011 I was the Director of Quality and Risk Management at a small hospital in York, Maine.

You have been prolific in your work Anne, do you have any favourites and if so why?

My favorite painting is entitled cousins on the Beach. it reminds me of our grandchildren. I enjoy painting cityscapes using old postcards for inspiration. My best sellers are acrylic paintings of my hometown Amesbury, Ma. I also enjoy painting animals using an expressionistic style.

What challenges do you experience as an artist, i.e. in your work, in selling work, etc?

Marketing my artwork is a challenge since I would prefer to be painting! I love teaching beginners how to create something that they can be proud of.

Who or what are your influences and inspiration?

My father was a self-taught portrait artist and he inspired me to try different techniques. My favorite artist is Leonid Afremov. I am inspired by my travels and never run out of ideas for paintings. I typically paint 5 days a week.

Can you talk about your choice of painting medium, why watercolours & acrylics?

I prefer the flexibility of acrylics. To me, it is easier to correct small issues. yet I do love watercolor since it is more portable and easier to clean up when I finish for the day.

What has it been like selling your work online?

Although I have sold art online, my more successful venue has been through a local restaurant and an eclectic craft shop in Amesbury, Ma. Where I have showcased local images.

What commissions do you undertake?

I have done several commissions that have included dogs, cats, landscapes, cityscapes and sailboat scenes.

 Anne Sands

Anne Sands

Anne Sands. Beautiful artwork. View and buy her paintings in her Pixels store.

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