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An Interview with Artist & Graphic Designer Anna Sidi-Yacoub

Anna Sidi-Yacoub’s paintings are remarkable. From vibrant and richly coloured paintings of nudes, women and seascapes, to clay sculptures of flowers and bright and captivating abstracts, it is clear that Anna has a passion for her work.

In creating her artworks, Anna uses mixed media, charcoal, oil paints, watercolour, pencil, ink and is also a digital artist. Her compelling studies of horses and the female form illustrates her eclectic painting style. Anna also has some fascinating colour and black and white, work on wildlife, including giraffes and cheetahs, and also elegant studies of birds, elephants and more.

From her bio: ‘ She’s inspired by light, colors and fluids. Her works are a visual celebration of nature, life. Water plays a big part in her Abstract paintings. They bring back scenes & memories from her childhood spent in Poland.

You can purchase Anna’s work through her Facebook page.

She is also selling on Artfinder

Anna is on Instagram

Please talk a bit about where you are from, grew up and where you live now…..

I spent my childhood in Algeria, then moved to Cracow to get a degree in Architecture. For the past 10 years, I’ve been living in Ireland.

How did you discover art?

Since I was a child, I loved to draw, that’s why I chose Architecture because it involved drawing and creating.

What aspect do you enjoy most in the process of creating your artwork and why, and what do you dislike (if anything)?

I love the fluidity of ink, the way it flows on the surface of the paper.

The use of Epoxy resin enables you to play with transparent and opaque paint, resulting in a similar effect as using oils; depth of colors. I don’t like the strong smell when painting with oils, that’s why I use other Media.

What do you find challenging about mixed media painting and which media do you most enjoy working with?

Definitely Epoxy Resin; richness and transparency of colors. Sometimes they have a life of their own. Movement and flow of the medium help achieve exquisite aerial views of seascapes without using a single brushstroke.

How do you choose a subject to paint?

I find inspiration in daily things. I used to travel a lot before, gathering stimulating pictures along the way. Some portrait paintings represent friends and close family members.

As an artist, who’s work do you admire and why?

Klimt – for the way he’s presenting women and his Mastery in using Gold leaf.

Zhaoming Wu – for his poetic and gestural nudes.

Hu Jun Di – I fell in love with his works as soon as I discovered them – his paintings of women are blurry and light, surrounded by mystery.

What challenges have you faced as a professional artist and how have you overcome them?

Sometimes it’s difficult to achieve the complete satisfaction to what I have in mind. That’s why I use Mixed Media to overcome those restrictions.

What are your plans for the future?

I would love to share my artworks with a wider audience across the world.

 Anna Sidi-Ycoub

Anna Sidi-Ycoub

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