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An Interview with Fine Art Photographer Daria Amaranth

Powerful and unique. The portraiture of Daria Amaranth is hauntingly beautiful. If there is an exquisiteness in sombreness, it is within Daria's photography. One might call it art, and they would not be wrong.

Daria's elegant work speaks for itself. Take in and enjoy her portfolio where you can see Daria's creative vision on full display.

Daria's Instagram

She's on Behance

Invisible Sounds

Please talk about yourself, where you are from where you grew up, where you live now……

I grew up in the north of Russia, now I live in Saint Petersburg.

Hidden Feelings

How do your ideas and inspiration for your work formulate? Where do you get your ideas from?

Inspiration can come from any small detail seen somewhere around, as well as from some emotional experiences. The concept of sensory experience (both when looking at or creating works) is close to my vision, the main emphasis is placed on emotions and feelings. I think my art is a kind of stream of consciousness.


How would describe your work to somebody who for any reason, could not see it?

A sensory journey into the inner.

Je me suis révéillée d'un coup en plein milieu de la nuit

What themes are you trying to express in your work?

I like the idea that the viewer discovers their own consonance when they get acquainted with my work.

Through The Noise

What post-processing tools do you use? Can you describe your post-processing workflow for one of your images?

I like to change colors according to how the image exists in my head, for this purpose I use color correction in Photoshop. At the same time, I really love to organize the necessary artificial lighting right on the set.

As for Photoshop, first I experiment with the image, and then I "patch" the desired line of correction. I suppose I can’t reveal it because it’s always a magical process which is unique for each photograph. I never use any presets or something else, because predetermined settings can’t suit the mood or inner sense of a particular photograph.

Which photographers and or artists inspire you?

I can name a film director (but a photographer and artist as well) – David Lynch.

Smoky Line of Fog

What was it that inspired you to become a photographer?

It was a sudden realization that just came to my mind.


What are your biggest strengths and weakness as a photographer?

It’s a difficult question. I think that strength and weakness are often interrelated and sometimes it is not easy to draw a line. I think my strength is my imagination and impressionability - the last one is also a weakness in a way.

Do you have a favourite project of yours, and if so why?

One of my favourite works is “Hidden feelings” because I feel that together with this work, the period of discovering me began.

Indeterminate Music

What is your ambition for the future as a fine art portrait photographer?

To have inspiration and have my works in the galleries.

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1 Comment

Feb 05, 2023

Fascinating images Joe with an interesting use of insects I've never seen the like before... The lighting is superb and creates the mood perfectly for what she's looking for in a photo.. and a great interview good choice of photographer

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