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An Interview With Photographer & Abstract Artist Lara Morrison

Lara Morrison’s artistry ranges from beautifully composed and detailed photographs of flowers; elegant scenes of nature, such as images depicting the beauty of the morning dew on the grass, trees, seascapes, farm animals and more. The black and white processing revealing the beautiful Williamsburg, VA, houses, adds a timelessness to the buildings that they deserve.

Her abstract artwork exposes Lara’s multi-talented artistic abilities. Artworks that are beautifully coloured, shapes and patterns that are full of depth and are intricately detailed. Her work entitled ‘Disillusionment’ and ‘Situation’, I find, are mesmerising.

You can buy Lara’s work on her Pixels website:

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How did you discover that you had a gift for artwork and photography?

When drawings started coming together one after another it surprised me. I wanted to continue this journey and see if it kept happening. For the photography, when I am out and about, I see a beautiful spontaneous moment as a visual gift presented to me.

What inspires you to create an abstract painting?

An image can come about one of three ways. I may begin a piece without a plan and thoroughly enjoy its spontaneous, intuitive creation. Sometimes, a complete picture will flash in my mind and I will try to recreate it. Lastly, there may be a combination of the two above methods where I have a plan but improvisation creates a new outcome. Often, a goal is to reflect how patterns in nature are both random yet perfectly balanced at the same time. I am also obsessed with the purity and simplicity of lines.

What artistic mediums do you use and why?

I use a variety of mediums including marker, pen, and acrylics. Each medium determines the course of the image and basically tells me what to do. Therefore, a certain expression would not be possible without each particular medium.

Who has been your greatest artistic influences and why?

Anyone that shows me beauty. I also believe, my Asperger’s itself is an artistic influence.

What locations do you travel to, for your photography and what are your favourite places?

Generally, I stay close to my neighborhood and focus on the Historic Triangle of Virginia and Virginia Beach. What I enjoy most is finding beautiful details that need their full due.

What photographic elements, in your opinion, make a great shot?

Allowing the natural beauty to come through. Just like the art, my photography is intuitive. Usually, when I am walking around I stumble upon a balanced picture. The subject is given support and balance by its setting and the composition is right.

Please describe your post-processing work… (Programs/adjustments, etc)

Most of the adjustments are made in Photos for Mac and for more advanced edits Lightroom and Photoshop are used.

What equipment, including camera gear, do you take with you on your travels?

I usually stick to one camera and one lens for each outing. I really like the Marc III full-frame with the macro lens because it allows me to capture valuable details. Sometimes, I bring a tripod for a heavy lens.

In terms of your photography and artwork, where would you like to be in 5 years?

For photography, I would like to keep growing in the macro field because of the abstract potential. Concerning the art, I am interested to see how different mediums and techniques will be combined.

 Lara Morrison

Lara Morrison

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