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An Interview with Photographer Katerina Iacovides

From Events to Product, Portrait and Fashion Photography, Katerina Iacovides work is both polished and engaging. Her product photography includes beautifully lit, colourful shots of kid’s Wellington boots, adeptly composed photos of women’s ‘Shutika shoes’ and much more.

Katerina’s portraiture and fashion, features both classy studio and location shoots, consisting of creative and eye-catching photography, with two models dressed in Vintage clothing, called ‘Lost Fashionistas’, and also alluring shots of models as ‘Mermaids’.

Her personal work consists of enchanting, artistic Still Life photography, from the realm of 16th and 17th-century ‘Vanitas’ themes, and serene and atmospheric Landscape photography.

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What inspired you to become a photographer?

I have always been a photo enthusiast. But the defining moment that made me start to take photography seriously was when I went through a period where I was finding it hard to find work and feeling a bit directionless. I started creating self-portraits as a way to express myself. This was the important beginning of my journey with photography. What started my professional career as a photographer was when I was offered a position as a graphic designer and as luck would have it they needed a product photographer so I jumped on this opportunity. I then realized that photography came quite naturally to me both personally and commercially. I enjoyed thinking about the lighting and what would be the best way to shoot a set up. I eventually left the job and decided to become a freelancer to explore my options as a photographer. I have been pursuing it ever since.

As a photographer what are your greatest strengths and weaknesses?

I am developing my identity as a photographer. Sometimes this can feel like a weakness as it gets frustrating and at other times it’s exciting. It’s a fine balance between working for others and pursuing personal projects. I have a lot of personal projects that I would like to dive into but I also need to work. I would like to have more time to further develop my ideas as I feel that this could potentially take me in a new direction. But on saying that I can’t complain – I am lucky to work for others doing something that I enjoy.

What equipment do you use and what are your favourite lenses and why?

I use a Canon 5D Mark III mainly for its great ability to work in low light set ups. I use a few prime lenses with different lengths for different setups depending on what sort of set up I am creating. I would say for my still life I often use my 100mm 2.8 macro which is great for picking up the detail, getting close up and lifestyle imagery. It is also a lovely portrait lens.

What planning goes into your Product photography shoots?

I think a lot about light and composition. I try not to overcomplicate compositions so that it’s more obvious what the image is about. In terms of lighting, it depends on what I am shooting. Some shots require a simple light set up. But then if there are multiple items or an item with different materials then I have to think about the quality and quantity of light which will be needed to best illuminate what I am shooting. I love it because it is creative problem-solving.

In portrait/fashion photography, how important is it for you to establish a connection with the subjects/models? Please describe your process when working with a model.

It is very important, this is something I feel quite passionate about. Many photographers expect a model to perform on command for the camera. This usually leads to pretty superficial imagery that appears contrived. As a photographer you have to bring something to the shot that will make it your own. I believe that engaging and connecting with a model will bring more depth and something unique to your photo. I want the model to be happy – there is nothing more flattering than someone being comfortable with you and enjoying themselves. It is always a pleasure to work with another person to create something beautiful and interesting.

What advice would to someone who is just starting out and wants to follow the same career path as you?

Keep at it. It’s like everything else – there are highs and lows. Read about photography, look at the history of photography, understand your camera. It’s an art form that deserves respect. There is always more to learn and more to appreciate. Never get complacent and always keep trying to push yourself on both a commercial and personal level.

Which photographers influence you and how have they influenced your work?

Photographers like Irvine Penn, Horst P Horst, Edward Steichen and William Mortensen. Their images are powerful and beautiful. There is an elegance and stylistic quality to their posing which is timeless. In addition to this, their use of lighting is exceptional, you can learn a lot about lighting by looking at their images.

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