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An Interview with Photographic Artist Michael Knight

Stunning, totally unique, digital artwork. Michael Knight’s spellbinding work features an array of beautiful colours, textures, and styles. His photography is vibrant and eye-catching. Dynamic shapes, popping colours aplenty, some of his work evokes the beauty and grandiose of the art deco era; he also creates contemporary artwork, and startling, sci-fi like, and traditional portraits.

Works such as ‘Brandy’, a beautifully woven tapestry, where one can see a cat’s face hidden within the elegantly crafted strokes. The artwork has an outstanding depth to it, where you feel you could walk and get lost within!

Tranquility Bay’, a richly coloured landscape/seascape image. The bench in the foreground brilliantly anchors the viewer into the scene. Where you imagine you are on the seat, looking out into the brightly coloured ocean view.

( I will link to the images I talk about)

You can view and purchase Michaels work on his website:

Michael is also on Twitter

How did you discover your passion for art and photography?

My father was an artist he painted on plates and saws very popular during the 60’s. I really grew up around art. Studied some architecture drawing, didn’t really do anything for me. Tried interior design still no magic. Moved to Germany studied photography started the artistic juices flowing. Did part-time work for the local newspaper, awarded the position to photograph the Miss America USO show, talk about nerves. A local band saw my work and asked me to make flyers for them. After a couple creative bombshells, we settled on a final design. I sold 8 x 10 photos at there weekend shows. After retirement. Form the Air Force, still needed more. One day I saw a flyer in a store The “Let me bring the artist out in you”. Called the number did an interview about what I wanted to learn. Studied with her for seven years. My digital art is the result of a cerebral hemorrhage about eight years ago. I lost control of my left side, had to learn on my own the skills necessary to complete a piece of art. Now I use fine art, digital art, and photography to create.

Using your digital art as an example…How do you get inspired to create something unique?

Very difficult to put into words, let’s take “Brandy” for instance. She was our pet for 14 years, I found a picture of her and put in the cloud for safe keeping. After several years I created the artwork that you now see on my page.

Please describe your process in creating digital art from start to finish (Programs used/specific adjustments, etc)

I know a lot of people will “gasp” I don’t use photoshop, although it’s on my list to learn next. Brandy started with the picture saved. The resolution was very low, I used a program from Anthorpics, INC Smart Photo Editor, moved to the image and cropped it till I got what I wanted. Saved the image till I found what I was looking for tried, DeepArt, some filtering on my own through trial and lots of error, still not acceptable. A couple years ago I discovered Dreamscope, and worked with individuals also on the site come with a filter to use. This is the same filter I used on “Glamorous Grainy”. I’m now creating my filters and sharing them in the Dreamscope site.

As a photographer, what elements need to be in place, for you, to get a great image?

This sounds cliché but a pleasing subject, and it can work with most anything. I once photographed a chess match, at the moment I thought how boring, but I started thinking outside the box. I couldn’t use the auto film advance, too noisy, I manually advanced the film. I got eye level with the tables captured the facial expressions with chess pieces blurred in the foreground. It was much better than I thought it would be. Overall you need the angle, lighting, and a good subject, a positive mental outlook.

Some of you excellent work references the 1920’s. What is it about that era that inspires you?

The Roaring Twenties, as a child I would sit and listen to my Great Grandmother would tell stories of a very prosperous time in the world, World War 1 was over and people were working and happy, inventions were in abundance, food was plentiful, people were, creating a great time for others to enjoy. New dancers, fashion, cars, homes. However later on as we all know the Great Depression and the rise of dictators throughout the world. But I prefer to remember the good times.

Whose work do you admire and why?

I prefer the impressionist period, Monet, Degas, Manet, they were rebels at the time. They experienced ridicule and banishment, they never really were accepted in their lifetimes. If they only knew the mark they made on society. I also like Picasso, Mondrian, and Matisse.

What do you enjoy most about marketing your work online and what do you dislike about online marketing?

The best part of marketing is the opportunity to meet potential client’s, but also others in the creative field (I prefer the term artists) I can set with artists and talk and work at the same time for hours. The worst part is trying to use marketing companies. Most of them simply don’t understand artists they feel because we aren’t well known we are priced too high. Anyone who visits my site can easily see I am very eclectic and love a mirrored of subjects. What I have seen from you is a true understanding of a large segment of artists. You have my gratitude.

Which of your works is your favourite and why?

My favorite piece is my rendition of Monet’s “Antibes” is a little-known piece by him rarely among his works in museums. It’s my little piece from an artist I admire.

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