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Kendall Kessler – The Artist’s Interview

Kendall Kessler is an award winning artist whose work has been exhibited throughout the USA. Her oil and pastel paintings are rich in colour and are varied in subject. From landscapes to people, to Still Life, architecture and much more, Kendall’s beautiful work is detailed and eye-catching. Her ‘Beaches and Bays’ artwork exemplifies the lavishness of colour and intricate brushstrokes. Kendall also has outdoor, wildlife and flower photography and black and white artworks that can be bought from her online store.

Kendall’s web site is

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She is also on Fine Art America

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Please talk about where you grew up and where you are now….

I am originally from McLean, VA but have lived in Southwest VA my adult life.

What inspired you to become an artist?

I have been working on my artwork as long as I can remember and have always wanted to sell it. I taught at Radford University for twenty years while selling some. Now I sell my artwork out of my studio and online.

How do you go about choosing a subject to paint?

I am extremely versatile and like all subjects but my favorite subject is the gorgeous Blue Ridge Mountains and surrounding ranges.

What do you enjoy most about the painting process? Is there anything that you do not like?

I enjoy painting because I can express who I am and how I react to the world around me in a visual manner. I base my paintings on what I see but I interpret what I see according to my personality thus making my creations unique to me. The process can be aggravating at times due to the inability to get exactly what I want. I don’t think artists ever get exactly what they want. If they did, it would be a boring endeavor. We work hard and get close to what we want. I am always learning to paint at the same time that I am painting.

Which artists do you admire and why?

My favorite artists are The Impressionists and The Expressionists. My work is my own take on a combination of both of those styles.

What online marketing strategies have been a great help to you?

I sell prints and originals and the internet is a great help with sales. I can reach a large audience and the prints are handled by Fine Art America.

Why do you like working with oils and pastels and which do you prefer?

I like working with oils the most because of the strong, sensuous colors and the texture that can be built up to the point that there is a projected topography to the work. Also, the painting is so strong it does not have to be placed under glass. I like pastels because of their unique texture and the direct approach to applying the colors. I like oils better because they do not have to be under glass.

Which of your artworks is your favourite and why?

I don’t have a favorite but there are several New River paintings I especially like and several Pawleys Island paintings that I am pleased with.

What have you got in the pipeline? (New works/Exhibitions)

I don’t exhibit in shows or work with galleries. I have work online on several sites and people view it there. Also, my studio is open to the public by appointment. My current website is Most of the newer works can be found by clicking on the images tab. I have artwork in 29 states and six countries and my best selling drawing, “Reaching Out”, was selected out of over 3 million works of art on Fine Art America to be on the set of The Mindy Project which aired for three seasons on Fox TV and is now on Hulu.

 Kendall Kessler

Kendall Kessler

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