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An Interview with Photographer Katja Gehrung

Evocative, atmospheric and alluring, is how I describe Katja Gehrung’s photography.  The female form, with a hidden, masked face, or turned away from the camera, with differing costumes and props. The models are posed in interesting settings, derelict buildings, grungy backdrop walls and outdoors, in bleak and beautiful scenes.

Themes of isolation, loneliness, and emotion are conveyed in Katja’s thought-provoking work.  

The interplay of light and shadow, form and shape with distinctive model posing and arresting compositions make Katja’s work unique and bewitching.

You can view and make inquiries to purchase Katja’s work on her website:

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Please talk about where you grew up and where you are now….

I am from Stuttgart in South Germany and was brought up in a rural area, where I loved to play outside in the woods, on animal farms and in all kind of places which are natural.  Today I still love nature and with my two almost grown up sons I live just across wonderful “fields of gold”.

Why do you choose photography to express your ideas?

Around the age of 14, I discovered making a photo can be much more than just to take a picture.  I cannot draw or paint but still, have so many images in my mind which I want to express. And the only thing for me is to take a camera and that’s it.    

Your photography is unique, what messages are you revealing in your work?

Mainly I would like to show all different kind of emotions and hopefully, the viewer can find some of himself watching my images.    

How do you find locations for your photos?

I love sports. Running and biking around I do discover most of the places.  Some old houses and deserted companies I found after researching on the web.    

What planning do you do for a photo i.e. props/costumes/posing?

If I have an image in my mind there is most of the time much work to do carrying all the props to the place I have chosen. I love to combine unusual things. Therefore I am always looking to find curious clothes or props. The posing depends on what I want to express and what fits best with all the stuff, in my opinion – and sometimes it depends on the situation I am in – i.e. when I see some persons are coming and I have to hurry up.    

What equipment do you use for your work? (Camera/flash/lenses)  What is your favorite lens and why?

My camera is a Canon full-frame sensor 6D. The lenses I prefer are 16-35/4 and 24-70/1, I take often an open aperture. I never use flashlights, only available Light.    

What post processing do you do?

I work with Photoshop but usually don’t do much post-processing.    

Who or what are your greatest inspirations?

I think simply daily life with all the funny and sad things are happening.  Apart from that, I live the work of some artists like Frida Kahlo, Irving Penn, Herb Ritts – there so many very good artists!  Listening to special songs like Nina Simone and Billie Holiday inspires me also.

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